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International Trading Association

If you think you’re safe with just any online trading broker you are mistaken, the scam companys will do everything they can to come across as professional and empathetic to your financial goals, while in reality they’re after your money. Save yourself from the degrading experience of getting scammed, and trade with a reliable service.

The ITA is dedicated to bring you detailed information on credible brokers, scams, signals services, and proven strategies.

Don’t be fooled by empty promises of turning $100 into $2000 within 60 seconds as you might have already seen on Youtube videos and articles across the web. In reality, trading any on-line style of stock or currency is as complex as any other form of trading. The more work you put into understanding how it works, the better you will perform as a trader, education can almost guarantee that you will be ahead of traders who rely on ‘brainless strategies’ and scam brokers.



Did you know ?

A reputable trading service will never ask you for your bank account and password information. A scammer can use this information to fraudulently withdraw money from your bank account.